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History - Lifelong Education, Administration, & Policy

Date Event


Supervision program began at Georgia Southern College, Statesboro, Georgia, funded by Rosenwald Fund for Education. (EDAP)


Rosenwald supervision moved to University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, where supervision program was given graduate status. Administration and Supervision programs were merged. Jane Franseth was the first director, and was followed by Johnnye V. Cox who became the director in 1948 and provided leadership for supervision until retirement in 1971. (EDAP)


Doyne Muncie Smith served at the University of Georgia 1949-1981, most of this time as the Head of the Department of Administration in a program that prepared many of Georgia’s leading school administrators, superintendents, and state superintendents. The program went through many name changes and accepted many new missions, but consistently served in the preparation of school administrators. The faculty also played a significant role in assisting in desegregation efforts following Brown v. Board of Education, including work through the federal funded School Desegregation Educational Center, which was later called the Center for Educational Improvement. This latter effort was headed by Morrill Hall. (EDAP)


Organization of the College of Education at the University of Georgia included ten divisions with designated departments in each division: 1) Health & Physical Education; 2) Vocational Education; 3) Exceptional Children; 4) Educational Foundations; 5) Instruction; 6) Administration & Supervision; 7) Counselor Education & Student Personnel; 8) Demonstration & Practice Laboratories; 9) Graduate Studies; and 10) Research & Development Center. (EDAP)
  Sue CromartieDepartment of Curriculum & Teaching organized, including Sue W. Cromartie, Milly Cowles, J. Butler James, Cornelia E. Johnson, Rhonda S. Newman, and Lutian R. Wooton. (EDAP)
Sue W. Cromartie



Curtis UlmerDepartment of Adult Education established. William L. Bowden named the Head of Department. R. Curtis Ulmer joined the Department and became the Head in 1968 after The University System of Georgia appointed William Bowden Vice-Chancellor for Services. Ralph Spence, retired adult education professor from Teacher’s College, Columbia University, joined the College Education Research Lab; he was a guest lecturer in courses and served on some doctoral committees. (AE)
Curtis Ulmer
  Ray BruceFaculty added included Jerold P. Bauch, Ray E. Bruce, Donald R. Chipley, Mary F. Compton, Elmer C. Ellis, Paul M. Halverson, Editha B. Mills, and John C. Reynolds. 1967-1968 (EDAP)
Ray E. Bruce


Paul M. Halverson, University Research Professor and curriculum specialist added to department, leading the development of a Doctor of Education in Curriculum. (EDAP)
  Merger of Supervision, from Department of Administration & Supervision, with Curriculum & Teaching, forming “Department of Curriculum & Supervision” including leaders in supervision, Johnnye V. Cox, Reba M. Burnham, Virginia M. Macagnoni, and Edith E. Grimsley. (EDAP)
  New faculty added to Department of Curriculum & Supervision included Elizabeth C. Aderhold, James E. Eisele, A. Walden Ends, Martin A. McCullough, D. Keith Osborn, James M. Palardy, and Betty Jennings. 1968-1969 (EDAP)


First doctoral degree in Adult Education awarded (Hilton Bonniwell). First MEd graduate (Vincent Tata). Eugene I. Johnson, former Executive Director of the Adult Education Association of the USA (AEA), joined Department. In the same year, the Department and the Institute of Community and Area Development (ICAD) established joint-staffed position filled by Huey B. Long. Another faculty member, Frank Commander, added in this year to administer Departmental training program for State Directors of Adult Education located east of Mississippi River. Department established first off-campus MEd program in Adult Education in Buford, GA. (AE)
  Division of Elementary Education formed from Department of Curriculum & Supervision, reallocating appropriate courses and faculty. (EDAP)


Aderhold HallBaldwin HallCollege of Education (CoE) moved from Baldwin Hall to Aderhold Hall. Although new and spacious, Aderhold could not accommodate all CoE units. Department occupied entire third floor of Fain Hall (replaced by the Davison Life Sciences Complex). Specialist in Education (EdS) degree in adult education approved. (AE)
Baldwin Hall and Aderhold Hall
  Curriculum & Supervision Department transferred from Division of Instruction to Division of Administration & Services. (EDAP)


Georgia CenterDepartment and Georgia Center for Continuing Education (Georgia Center) collaborated to support joint-staffed position with emphasis on educational gerontology. James A. Thorson accepted offer to fill position. (AE)
Georgia Center for Continuing Education


First EdS degree in adult education awarded (Dimple Marksbury). CoE Dean appointed Huey Long Acting Associate Dean for Research and approved employment of Alan R. Pardoen to fill joint-staffed position with ICAD. Thomas Mahler, director of the Georgia Center given appointment in the Department, and continued as director of Georgia Center. (AE)
  Gerald FirthGerald R. Firth named chair of the Department of Curriculum & Supervision. (EDAP)
Gerald R. Firth


“Mentors I,” first in a series of videotaped interviews with pioneers of graduate adult education, directed by Eugene Johnson. (AE)


Tucker HallDepartment moved from Fain Hall (condemned for extensive termite damage) to one-half of fourth floor of Tucker Hall, former dormitory. (AE)
Tucker Hall



First qualitative research course offered at the University of Georgia by Judith Preissle Goetz in the College of Education (COE)–later approved as ERS 799; Preissle, a graduate of Indiana University, had been hired in 1975 with specialties in the anthropology of education and social science education; from 1976 to 2004 the qualitative research courses were administered by the Research, Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics Program in the Department of Educational Psychology. (QUAL)


James Thorson moved to full-time faculty position at University of Nebraska and Bradley C. Courtenay accepted offer to fill educational gerontology joint-staffed position. Alan Pardoen resigned and Allen B. (Bernie) Moore joined Department and ICAD in joint-staffed position. (AE)


Committee for the Investigation and Support of Qualitative Research (CISQR), a COE faculty group, formed and met for the year (QUAL)
  Centers in Gwinnett County, North Georgia College-Dahlonnega, and the Medical College of Georgia-Augusta, established for resident credit courses. Doctoral program in health science professions also offered by Curriculum & Supervision Department in Dublin, Georgia, and at Piedmont Medical Center, Atlanta, Georgia. (EDAP)


Curtis Ulmer named CoE Associate Dean for Instruction. Brad Courtenay moves from joint-staffed to full-time position and appointed Head of Department. Margaret E. Holt joined Department and also became Assistant to Dean for off-campus programs. James A. Dinnan transferred to Department to develop emphasis on reading education for adults. Department agreed to offer MEd degree with concentration in gerontology to Georgia Office of Aging employees in Atlanta. Student organization, University of Georgia Lifelong Learning Association (UGALLA), established. (AE)


Second course on qualitative data analysis offered for first time–later approved as ERS 809 (QUAL)
  Murray H. Tillman appointed acting chair of the Department of Curriculum & Supervision. (EDAP)



ERS799 and 809 were offered with increasing frequency throughout the decade by Preissle; Mary Jo McGee Brown, a UGA graduate with a specialty in the anthropology of education, also taught in the program part time (QUAL)


Seven divisions were established as an organizational plan in the College of Education, with Division VII including the Curriculum & Supervision Department. (EDAP)


Department received nearly $1million award from W. K. Kellogg Foundation to partner with Georgia Center and Cooperative Extension Service to expand role of UGA in Lifelong Learning. Department opened doctoral degree at Fort Gordon in Augusta. Curtis Ulmer directed “Mentors II,” second in series of videotaped interviews with pioneers of graduate adult education. (AE)


Sharan MerriamKellogg project provided opportunity to strengthen emphasis on research and Sharan B. Merriam joined Department to address development of research skills among students. (AE)
Sharan B. Merriam
  Al BuccinoThe Qualitative Interest Group (QUIG), a university-wide consortium of qualitative researchers, was founded with the support of then COE Dean Alphonse Buccino (QUAL)

Alphonse Buccino
Dean - College of Education (1984-1994)


Ron CerveroCurtis Ulmer retired. Ronald M. Cervero accepted position to integrate continuing professional education in curriculum and Department’s outreach mission, an activity supported by Kellogg project. (AE)
Ronald Cervero


Huey Long resigned; took a faculty position at the University of Oklahoma. Gary Conti joined faculty; concentrated on adult learning. He resigned the next year and assumed position at University of Montana. (AE)


First QUIG conference hosted at UGA, held annually through 2007

  • Qualitative Research in Education: Substance, Methods, Experience
  • Keynote Speakers: George & Louise Spindler
  • Conference Coordinators: Judith Preissle & JoBeth Allen (QUAL)


Tom ValentineFaculty renewed commitment to adult literacy education and Tom Valentine joined Department to expand this area. (AE)
Tom Valentine

QUIG Conference: Teaching and Learning Qualitative Traditions

  • Keynote Speakers: Robert Bogdan & Stephen Ball
  • Coordinator: JoBeth Allen (QUAL)


QUIG Conference: Processes, Applications and Ethics in Qualitative Research

  • Keynote Speakers: Michael Quinn Patton, Yvonna Lincoln, & John Smith
  • Coordinator: Mary Jo McGee Brown (QUAL)


Following CoE reorganization in 1990, Department became a member of Division of Adult Education and Occupational Studies. One year later Educational Leadership joined unit and name changed to School of Leadership and Lifelong Learning. James Dinnan retired. (AE)

QUIG Conference: Diversity and Design: Studying Culture and the Individual

  • Keynote Speakers: Harry Wolcott & Mary Catherine Bateson
  • Coordinator: Mary Jo McGee Brown (QUAL)


QUALRS-L (Qualitative Research for the Human Sciences), the first electronic listserv discussion group for qualitative researchers worldwide began operating September 6 (QUAL)
  Curriculum & Supervision Department merged with the Department of Administration, forming the Department of Educational Leadership.  Department faculty included Theresa Bey, Joseph Blase, Reba Jo Blase, Carvin Brown, Ray Bruce, Don Carver, Gerald Firth, Carl Glickman, Robert Heslep, C. Thomas Holmes, Ken Matthews, Michael LaMorte, Beverly Lindsey, Edward Pajak, Arthur Phillips, Carl Schnittjer. William Swan, Kenneth Tanner, Duncan Waite, and David Weller. (EDAP)

Joseph BlaseReba Jo BlaseCarl GlickmanC. Thomas Holmes
Edward PajakWilliam SwanKenneth Tanner

Left to Right: Joseph Blase, Reba Jo Blase, Carl Glickman, C. Thomas Holmes, Edward Pajak, William Swan, and Kenneth Tanner
  John DaytonJohn Dayton joined the Department of Educational Leadership. (EDAP)
John Dayton


PhD degree program approved. First cohort of MEd students enrolled at Gwinnett Center to initiate off-campus degree program. (AE)


The Student Qualitative Interest Group (SQUIG), a university-wide consortium of graduate students interested in qualitative research, formed (QUAL)

QUIG Conference: Subjectivity: Perceptions and Biases

  • Keynote Speakers: Alan Peshkin & Lous Heshusius
  • Coordinator: JoBeth Allen (QUAL)


Brown hired as second full-time qualitative research instructor, but subsequently resigned for health reasons; ERS 799 and 809 supplemented by courses on interviewing and theoretical frameworks for qualitative research (QUAL)


QUIG Conference: Cultural Diversity: Contexts, Perspectives, and Voice

  • Keynote Speakers: Vivian Gadsden, Linda Grant, & Henry Trueba
  • Coordinator: Judith Preissle (QUAL)


Tal GuyKaren E. WatkinsFirst PhD graduate (Vivian Mott). Master’s degree in Human Resources and Organizational Development approved. Karen Watkins, employed in 1993, wrote proposal and became coordinator for the program. Department adopted a statement on multiculturalism and new course in this area developed by Talmadge Guy who was appointed faculty member in 1993 with an assignment to assist Department add multiculturalism as area of emphasis. Two other areas of emphasis added in this year with development of course on Public Policy and Adult Education (Margaret Holt) and Community Development and Adult Education (Bernie Moore). Student group, Students of African Descent, established. (AE)
Karen E. Watkins and Talmadge Guy


QUIG Conference: Issues in Studying Gender

  • Keynote Speakers: Patricia Bell-Scott, Michael Kimmel, & Kathleen Weiler
  • Coordinator: Diane Brook (QUAL)


Juanita Johnson-BaileyUGA approved joint-staffed position between Department and Women’s Studies Program. Juanita Johnson-Bailey appointed to position and developed courses in Feminist Pedagogy and Race and Gender in Workplace. In 2001, Juanita Johnson-Bailey joined Department full-time. (AE)
Juanita Johnson-Bailey

QUIG Conference: Narrative

  • Keynote Speakers: Jean Clandinin, Ivor Goodson, Andy Hargreaves, JoBeth Allen & Betty Shockley
  • Coordinator: Duncan Waite (QUAL)
  William Wraga joined the Department of Educational Leadership. (EDAP)


QUIG Conference: Improvisations and Deep Structures: Alternative Forms of Data Representation

  • Keynote Speakers: Elliot Eisner & Maxine Greene
  • Coordinator: Penny Oldfather (QUAL)
  Karen Loup Hunt joined the Department of Educational Leadership. (EDAP)


River's CrossingUniversity System Board of Regents approved partnership between Department and Fort Valley State University to offer EdD in Adult Education in central Georgia. W.K. Kellogg Foundation awarded department a multi-year, $2.6 million grant to develop and administer project for preparing future adult education leaders in Latin America, Southern Africa, and United States. Department moved from Tucker Hall to fourth floor of River’s Crossing. First graduates of MEd in Human Resource and Organizational Development (Deborah Avery, Jeanne Powell, and Jennifer Worsham). (AE)
River's Crossing

QUIG Conference: Democratizing Inquiry through Qualitative Research

  • Keynote Speakers: Lisa Delpit, Carl Glickman, Jude Preissle, & JoBeth Allen
  • Coordinators: Sherry Field & Linda Labbo (QUAL)


Brad CourtenayBrad Courtenay appointed interim director for School of Leadership and Lifelong Learning for two years and served on special project assignments for one year. Ronald Cervero accepted interim appointment as Head of Department. (AE)
Brad Courtenay


During the university’s semester conversion ERS 799 and 809 were replaced by a three-course sequence: ERSH 7400, 8410, and 8420; a collection of specialty courses in theoretical frameworks, interviewing, participant observation, and case study were also designed (QUAL)

QUIG Conference: From Roots to Renaissance: The Path Traveled by Qualitative Researchers

  • Keynote Speakers: Judith Green, Bronwyn Davies, & Juanita Johnson-Bailey
  • Coordinator: Julie Tallman (QUAL)
  Cathy SielkeCathy Sielke joined the Department of Educational Leadership. (EDAP)
Cathy Sielke


Kathleen deMarraisKathleen deMarrais, a graduate in the social foundations of education from the University of Cincinnati, was hired to lead the qualitative research program; she had taught at the University of Alaska, the University of Tennessee, and Northern Arizona University prior to taking the position at UGA; she brought specialties in phenomenological research and educational anthropology. In addition to coordinating the qualitative research program, she was the department head for social science education for several years (QUAL)
Kathleen deMarrais

QUIG Conference: Getting It Together: The Purposes, Practices, and Problems of Collaborative Research

  • Keynote Speakers: Shirley Brice Heath & Luis Moll
  • Coordinator: James McLaughlin (QUAL)
  Sally ZepedaSally Zepeda joined the Department of Educational Leadership. (EDAP)
Sally Zepeda


Lauran BieremaUGA approved partnership between Department, Institute of Higher Education, and Workforce Education to offer collaborative EdD degree in each major with specialization in community and technical college leadership. Karen Watkins named Director of School of Leadership and Lifelong Learning and Laura Bierema joined faculty to help expand human resources and organizational development initiative. Margaret Holt retired. (AE)
Laura Bierema
  Kathy RoulstonKathy Roulston, a graduate in education at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia joined the program as a postdoctoral fellow and was appointed assistant professor the following year; she brought specialties in conversation analysis and ethnomethodology (QUAL)
Kathy Roulston

QUIG Conference: Making a Difference: Research For and About Transformation

  • Keynote Speakers: Carolyn Ellis; Panel: Kathryn Watterson, Macky Alston, & Linda Grant
  • Coordinator: Jerry Gale (QUAL)
  Max SkidmoreMax Skidmore joined the Department of Educational Leadership. (EDAP)
Max Skidmore


Bob HillLorilee SandmannJanet TruluckRonald Cervero named Department Head. Department initiated first UGA on-line master’s degree program. Janet Truluck joined faculty in 2000 to develop and coordinate program. Lorilee Sandmann approved as Associate Vice-President for Public Service and Outreach and Executive Director for Georgia Center with faculty rank in Department. She moved to Department full-time in 2003 to expand emphasis on adult education leadership and engagement. Robert Hill joined faculty to expand Department’s goals for public policy and adult education. (AE)
Janet Truluck, Lorilee Sandmann and Robert Hill


Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies Certificate Program for graduate students, sponsored by the College of Education, the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, and the School of Social Work, approved (QUAL)

QUIG Conference: Social and Economic Justice: Deconstructing Myths and Masks through Qualitative Research

  • Keynote Speakers: Elliot G. Mishler, Vicky Steinitz,Vanessa Siddle Walker, Maurice Daniels & Ronald Butchart
  • Coordinators: David Kurtz & Kathleen deMarrais (QUAL)
  Kevin Jenkins joined the Department of Educational Leadership. (EDAP)


Richard KielyRichard Kiely joined faculty to assist with the community and technical college leadership program. (AE)
Richard Kiely

QUIG Conference:Vision, Voice, and Virtuality: (Re)conceptualizing Qualitative Representation

  • Keynote speakers: Gloria Ladson-Billings, Terry Jenoure & Elizabeth St.Pierre
  • Coordinators: Thomas Hébert & Kathleen deMarrais (QUAL)
  William WragaWilliam Wraga named as Department Head, leading the creation of the new Department of Educational Administration & Policy. (EDAP)
William Wraga


A variety of additional courses were added to the program; the certificate program began graduating about 20 students per year; in addition to the core faculty members, scholars from around the UGA community teach program courses regularly: JoBeth Allen, Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor, Jerry Gale, Linda Gilbert, Tarek Grantham, Linda Harklau, Tom Hebert, Janette Hill, Juanita Johnson-Bailey, Christina Joseph, Jamie Lewis, Sharan Merriam, Elizabeth St. Pierre, Trisha Reeves, Wendy Ruona (QUAL)


Karen Watkins appointed CoE Associate Dean for Research, Technology, and External Affairs. (AE)


Qualpage, an Internet web site of qualitative research resources, moved from the University of Alberta to the University of Georgia (QUAL)

Program sponsored workshops in Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software, Lyn Richardson (QSR); Ray Maietta (ResearchTalk) 2003-2005 (QUAL)


QUIG Conference:Contact Zones: Advocacy Research on a Global Platform

  • Keynote speakers: Michelle Fine, Lois Weis, & Shuaib Meacham
  • Coordinators: Bob Fecho & Janette Hill (QUAL)
  Jennifer GongJennifer Gong joined the Department of Educational Administration & Policy. (EDAP)
Jennifer Gong


Desna WallinCoE reorganized into nine departments. Adult Education became Program and linked with Educational Administration and Qualitative Research Program to form Department of Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy (LEAP). Ronald Cervero appointed Interim Head of LEAP and then permanent head in 2005. Laura Bierema approved as first Coordinator of Adult Education Program. CoE reorganization provided opportunity for faculty members to petition for transfers to new departments. Desna Wallin approved to move to Adult Education to assist with the community and technical college leadership program. (AE)
Desna Wallin
  Qualitative Research Program (QRP) formed as part of the Department of Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy (LEAP) when the COE reorganized into nine departments; deMarrais was appointed Associate Dean for Students, Curriculum and Accreditation; Preissle transferred from the social foundations of education to coordinate QRP (QUAL)

QUIG Conference: Discourse and Dialogue:  Language and Interaction in Qualitative Research

  • Keynote speakers: James Gee, Elinor Ochs, Kris Guitérrez, & Carol D. Lee
  • Coordinators: Betsy Rymes & Yolanda Majors (QUAL)


Lorenzo BowmanWendy RuonaWendy Ruona approved to move to Adult Education to help with human resources and organization development programs. Lorenzo Bowman joined department to coordinate course and degree offerings at Gwinnett Center. (AE)
Wendy Ruona and Lorenzo Bowman


Melissa FreemanMelissa Freeman joined the program faculty (QUAL)
Melissa Freeman
  Derrick AlridgeDerrick Alridge, a graduate of Pennsylvania State University in intellectual history, transferred into the program from the social foundations of education, adding specialties in oral history and historical methods; Melissa Freeman, a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany, joined the program faculty with specialties in qualitative evaluation and hermeneutics (QUAL)
Derrick Alridge

QUIG Conference: Art as Research & Research as Art

  • Keynote speakers: Elliot Eisner, Tom Barone, Ruth Behar
  • Coordinators: Melisa Cahnmann, Richard Siegesmund & Kathleen deMarrais (QUAL)
  Dr. John Culbreath, distinguished alumni, former Dougherty County Superintendent, and Dean, Albany State University, founded the Educational Administration & Policy (EDAP) Program Advisory Committee. Dr. Culbreath was joined by a highly distinguished group of Georgia educators in founding the EDAP Advisory Committee, including Dr. Lew Allen, Co-Director League of Professional Schools; Dr. Gene Bottoms, Senior Vice President (often represented by Dr. Kathy O’Neill) Southern Regional Education Board (SREB); Dr. David A. Cole, Principal Clarke County Alternative School H.T. Edward Teaching and Learning Center; Dr. John Culbreath, EDAP Advisory Committee Chair, former Dougherty County Superintendent, and Dean, Albany State University; Stephen Dolinger, President Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education; Dr. Dennis L. Fordham, Superintendent Hall County School District; Tony Guisasola, Vice Chairman Gilmer County School Board; Dr. Michael Gwatney, Principal East Fannin Elementary School; Jeannie (Sis) Henry, Executive Director Georgia School Boards Association; Dr. Cassandra P. Herring, Policy Director Georgia Department of Education; Linda Hopping, Executive Director, Georgia Middle School Association; Dr. Cindy Loe, Associate Superintendent Gwinnett County Public Schools; Dr. Ida Love, Deputy Superintendent Georgia Department of Education; Tad MacMillan, Principal Barrow Elementary School; Dr. Michael Moore, former Superintendent Effingham County Schools; Dr. Jim Puckett, Executive Director Georgia Association of Educational Leaders (GAEL); Dr. Barbara M. Pulliam, Superintendent Clayton County Public Schools; Dr. Robert Saunders, Superintendent Barrow County School District; and Dr. Jeffrey D. Williams, Research Director Georgia School Superintendents Association Georgia State University College of Education. (EDAP)


Richard Kiely resigned to take position at Cornell University. (AE)
  University Council approved the new prefix QUAL for qualitative research courses previously identified with the educational research prefix ERSH (QUAL)

QUIG Conference: Local Knowledge, Global Contexts: Mapping the Terrain of Qualitative Research in the 21st Century

  • Keynote speakers: Patti Lather, Norman K. Denzin, Pertti Alasuutari, Angela Valenzuela
  • Coordinators: Kathy Roulston, Jamie B. Lewis & Kathleen deMarrais (QUAL)
  Eric HouckEric Houck joined the Program of Educational Administration & Policy. (EDAP)
Eric Houck
  April PetersApril Peters joined the Program of Educational Administration & Policy. (EDAP)
April Peters


Khalil DiraniLaura Bierema stepped down as Program Coordinator; succeeded by Janet Truluck. Brad Courtenay retired. Khalil Dirani, specializing in human resource and organization development, became faculty member. (AE)
Khalil Dirani
  Derrick Alridge was appointed Director of the Institute for African American Studies (QUAL)

QUIG Conference: Celebrating Quality in Qualitative Research

  • Keynote speakers: Brian McKinley Jones Brayboy, Frederick Erickson, Laurel Richardson
  • Coordinator: Kathleen deMarrais (QUAL)
  Art RecessoArt Recesso joined the Program of Educational Administration & Policy (EDAP)
Art Recesso


Jori HallJori Hall joined the program faculty to develop mixed methods research and design after graduating in educational policy from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Roulston was appointed Graduate Coordinator for LEAP (QUAL)
Jori Hall
  Sheneka WilliamsSheneka Williams joined the Program of Educational Administration & Policy. (EDAP)
Sheneka Williams
  Jack ParishJack Parish joined the Program of Educational Administration & Policy. (EDAP)
Jack Parish

The Program of Educational Administration & Policy has also recently had many outstanding practitioner-scholars who have contributed to instructional excellence, including Dr. Jackie Adams, Principal, West Hall High School, Hall County Public Schools; Dr. Lea Arnau, Director of Professional Development, Gwinnett County Public Schools; Dr. Lori Bowen, Teacher, Advanced Placement in English Literature and Gifted Language Arts, Mill High School, Hoschton, Georgia; Dr. Ron Busbee, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Houston County Public Schools; Dr. Francis Davis, Associate Superintendent, Division of Human Resources, Gwinnett County Public Schools; Dr. Bill Kruskamp, Principal, Creekland Middle School, Gwinnett County Public Schools; Dr. Cindi Loe, Associate Superintendent, Division of Teaching and Learning, Gwinnett County Public Schools; Dr. Bryan Long, Assistant Principal, GIVE Center East, Gwinnett County Public Schools; Dr. Mike Mattingly, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, Houston County Public Schools; Dr. Brook Whitmire, Human Resources Director of High School Staffing, Gwinnett County Public Schools; and Dr. Jim Willis, Superintendent, Putnam County Public Schools. (EDAP)

  There are unquestionably many other events and people that have made significant and impressive contributions to the history and success of the current Educational Administration & Policy program and any omission or error is simply due to a lack of information at the time this document was written.  If you are aware of other notable events and people that are not already mentioned, please forward this information for inclusion in future timelines and histories.  And, whether directly named or not in this historical overview, the current faculty and students wish to extend our greatest thanks and appreciation to everyone that has contributed to the success of this program.  Further, we wish to extend the promise of our personal best efforts to continue the great legacy that others began so that we may sustain and advance this longstanding tradition of excellence in teaching, research, and service into the future.  Those that have shaped our past successes have made current and future success possible. (EDAP)



COE Centennial


AE - Adult Education Program

EDAP - Ed Administration & Policy

QUAL - Qualitative Research Program


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